Casmara Luxurious Facials

Innovative and original, Casmara offer the therapist and client huge flexibility with the ‘My Casmara’ facial and a range of specific treatments available.

‘My Casmara’ Facial

This facial allows the therapist and client to choose from a range of Natural Ampoules and Algae Masks. Each ampoule contains a biological serum that targets a specific function or need. Meanwhile each mask contains natural ingredients to target specific skin problems, and gives an instant ‘face lift’ effect.

Casmara Mini Facial

A quick ‘pick me up’ including a cleanse, serum and mask. An ideal introduction to the benefits of Casmara.

Absolute RT4 Retinol Facial

An aromatic nourishing facial for all skin types. The combination of vitamins (B, C, E and F) and Retinol® (vitamin A) reduces the visible signs of ageing by increasing the natural production of collagen within the skin.

Shine Stop Dermo Purifying Facial

Suitable for combination and oily skin, in particular skin suffering from the effects of excessive sebum such as, thick skin, dilated pores, blackheads, and excess shine. The treatment purifies and regulates the skin’s ecosystem.

Biological Awaken Q-10 Facial

Treats mature, stressed or dehydrated under nourished skin. Ideal for dull, lifeless skin or for anyone wanting a pick-me-up.

Bi-Phase Soya Facial

A facial and eye treatment in one, nourishing, protecting and moisturising the skin. While the eye treatment soothes tired eyes, reduces lines and increases lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness.

Regeneration BTX Contraction Inhibitor Facial

Contains Argireline®, this treatment prohibits muscular contraction and repetitive facial movements and increases cell regeneration. The ultimate anti-ageing facial. Also prolongs the effects of clinical treatments e.g. face lifts, facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections.