On Monday the 22nd May Trends Beauty & Lifestyle Distribution joined Liz McKeon, Beauty Business Expert at the Crown Plaza, Dublin Airport for her event, Grow Your Own Business.

As a new business owner I was excited to attend this event and meet lots of others in the industry.  Liz is the 'go to' person in Business Development in the Hair, Beauty and Spa Industry and is recognised as a world leader in her field. 

Liz is also a successful Author, Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer.  Her expertise lies in growing small businesses from scratch or streamlining existing companies and taking them to quick profitability.

The event was a great success as it was designed to help you take your business to the next level. Whether you are new to business or you have been running your salon for years, there are challenges that we all share and events like this are fantastic to motivate and inspire. 

Some of what we learnt:

  • Bring in more clients (and then get them to rebook)
  • Recruit in the right staff (and motivate them to work hard)
  • Increase turnover and profits (often doubling turnover within 6-8 weeks)

What a fantastic day, it was a pleasure meeting Liz and as always great to catch up with Maria from Beautiful Jobs.  Feeling inspired and looking forward to growing my business. 

If you would like to get in touch contact Roisin by email roisin.trends@gmail.com or call  (085) 828 1813.