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By Charlene Flanagan MUA & Niamh Ryan MUA


trends beauty & lifestyle distribution
trends beauty & lifestyle distribution

Charlene flanagan

Charlene Flanagan is a professional makeup artist with over 6 years of practice under her belt. Specialising in bridal makeup in recent years has seen Charlene become obsessed with skin and the importance of looking after the only skin you have.

Charlene is also a makeup tutor having delivered her own series of makeup masterclasses throughout the country and has over the years won awards for both her makeup career and her placement on social media and in the beauty blogging industry.

Charlene’s passion for brush cleansing comes mainly from not only it being a necessity for anti-bacterial purposes and avoiding cross contamination but also for the benefits it brings to skin health.

trends beauty & lifestyle distribution

niamh ryan

Niamh is a skin therapist & make up artist with a huge passion for helping problem skin.

Niamh was one of the first Dermalogica Skin Experts in Connaught, is a Senior Skin Therapist with Image skincare & has studied the skin extensively over the past six years since moving home to start her own business “Bella Beauty”. The salon has won multiple awards over the years – Ireland’s Best Beauty Salon in 2014 & Mrs 2 B’s Best Bridal Beauty Salon with Niamh herself winning Mayo’s Best Young Entrepreneur in 2013.

Niamh has a dedication to helping people at her core & has suffered from problem skin all of her life. After being on countless medications, topical & under going many treatments she is always searching for new ways to help people – to renew their confidence in their skin & them selves. This is one of the reasons Niamh & Charlene decided to launch Ella & Jo’s first product the Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser.


The Creation of Squeaky Brush Cleanser

After talking to so many clients about the importance of cleaning their brushes everyday when they have problem skin – the girls soon realised that it generally isn’t easy or convenient to do. The amount of bacteria that sits on & multiplies on make up brushes that are then re applied on to the skin again & again made the team search for a solution. When they couldn’t find a high quality brush cleanser, that was convenient, anti bacterial & that would prolong the life of their expensive brushes they decided to make one.

A huge all rounder the squeaky clean brush cleanser brings everything Charlene & Niamh represent together – trying to help women make their lives a little bit easier everyday & building their confidence. The brush cleanser not only cleans the brushes & makes them hygienic it also means that you can get the closest look possible to the one your favourite make up Artists are doing on snapchat without owning fifty five brushes. You can use, cleanse & re use the same brush meaning you get the colour difference on your eyes that make up Artists so easily create. No colour smudging here! It is also designed with Make Up artists in mind – it means every time you have a client you can re use your favourite tools with the confidence that they are anti bacterialised & not carrying colour from a previous client.


Easy Guide to Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser

It’s as easy as 1..2..3


Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser. ella & jo

Note: For denser foundation brushes or deeply stained brushes multiple applications may be required.

Please wait until brush is fully dry before re-use.



Why do I need Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser?

This one product will clean, disinfect and condition the brush fibres on both natural hair and synthetic brushes so that brushes will last longer. 

It is convenient to use and is specifically designed to extend the life of your brushes. 

Squeaky Clean Brush Cleanser removes pigments, oil and product residue leaves your brushes smelling fresh, helps shorten their drying time so your brushes will be squeaky-clean in a matter of minutes.

So here it is..the latest addition to the Ella & Jo Cosmetics Family.

Introducing the new 3 IN 1 HYALURONIC SKIN MIST


Ella & Jo 3in1 Hyaluronic Skin Mist

By Charlene Flanagan MUA & Niamh Ryan MUA

What is it?

Ella & Jo Hyaluronic Skin Mist is a hydrating facial spritz with extracts of Chamomile, Cucumber, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera & Green Tea. Specially formulated with mild ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid to help hydrate, condition & protect the skin.

What does it do?

With this specially formulated cocktail of skin quenching ingredients the 3in1 Skin Mist will offer the following to your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – Anti-Aging, retains skin moisture and keeps collagen synthesis up to plump fine lines on the skin.

Chamomile – Anti-inflammatory – Chamomile tea helps fade spots, eliminate acne scars and fight breakouts

Cucumber – Hydration – Balance Oily Skin, improves hydration levels.

Witch Hazel – A natural astringent which will control oils and retain moisture.

Aloe Vera – Known for its soothing properties aloe vera offers many benefits to all skin types.

Green Tea – Anti-Bacterial and a powerful antioxidant.

How to Use it?

- 3in1 Skin Mist can be used on it’s own or under & over makeup.

- Spritz on to cleansed bare skin for an instant burst of hydration.

- Spritz before makeup to act as a moisturising agent

- Spritz after makeup to set liquid and powders giving a dewy finish to the skin

- Spritz throughout the day to re-hydrate the skin and re-set makeup that may have moved due to hydration levels.

Who can use it?

Anyone!! Female & Male, all ages, all skin types. (Just be sure to patch test if you are sensitive to any of the listed ingredients)

How much is it

Only €20 for the best cocktail of ingredients in one bottle!!