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Scorch Nails is an Irish brand distributed throughout Europe and trusted by more than 15,000 customers on a daily basis.

Passion – scorch are passionate about their brand engaging with their customers and providing them with the latest products at realistic prices .

Innovation – scorch provide a range of unique products in their range whilst remaining agile to change and develop new products which scorch are constantly adding to their range.

Integrity –scorch have provided Nail Gel for over six years. Fully EU tested and certified and delivering safe consistently high quality products.

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innovation in beauty

Nail Gel – 14 Day Manicure

UV/LED Lamps – Dual Cure Technology® 

SupAcrylic – Re-inventing Acrylic and Hard Gel nails

Liquids – From application to removal

Accessories – Everything you need for the perfect Scorch Manicure

Top and Base Coats

Nail Gel consists of three components each has a specific role.

• Base Coats create adhesion between the Nail Plate and the Nail Gel.

• Nail Gel provides a colour for the design on the nail plate.

• Top Coat provides an armour plating, sealing and protecting the colour design •

Top Coat available as Standard, No Wipe or Matt

• Base Coat available as Standard or Premium

Curing Times Top, Matt & No Wipe Top Coat 30 seconds LED Lamp, 2 minutes UV Lamp

Base Coat 30 seconds LED Lamp, 2 minutes UV Lamp

Premium Base Coat 60 seconds LED Lamp, 3 minutes UV Lamp

Nail Gel

Scorch Nails 14-day Manicure is a 3-step Nail Gel system.

• 250 colours in the range

• New collection of six colours being released four times a year.

• Manufacture bespoke colours in small quantities.

• Fully EU certified and registered on the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal.

• Over 15,000 regular customers. • Scorch Nail Gel is suitable for use with an UV or LED lamp.


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SupAcrylic the next evolution of Hard Gel and Acrylic.

• Odourless – no more unpleasant chemical smell

• Natural looking, Increased Flexibility

• Lighter than Acrylics, Stronger than Hard Gels

• Unlimited working time – stays in place until you move it

• No Heat Spikes

• Superior Adhesion – No lifting or peeling

• Overlay, tip extension or sculptured nails

• Cures under UV or LED Lamps

• Only needs Scorch Top Coat or add Scorch Nail Gel for hundreds of colours

• File off to remove – no more airborne dust

• Designed for the Nail Technician

• Quicker and Easier to work with

• Fully EU-certified

• €1,000 out of Treatments from a Single Tube

• No Mixing – Ready to go out of the tube




Scorch Nails Scorch Nails - SL68 Rechargeable UV/LED Lamp

• Dual Cure Technology- cures both LED and UV gels

• 48W power

• Battery lasts entire day of treatments

• Auto hand sensor

• Finger guides to ensure the hand is placed for optimum cure

• 33 High Powered LED Bulbs positioned for perfect curing

• 30/60/90 second timer

• Removable Base Plate for easier curing of both hands and feet

• No cumbersome cables

Scorch Liquids Range

Soak Off Remover with Lanolin for the removal of Nail Gel, Nail Polish and Tips

Nail Finish with Apple fragrance after Top Coat

Nail Dehydrator with Lemon fragrance to dehydrate the Nail Plate

SupAcrylic Solution with Strawberry fragrance for use with our SupAcrylic system

Cuticle Oil In 15ml size with Peach Fragrance

Cuticle Remover In 15ml size to remove excess Cuticles during manicure

Non-Acid Primer In 9ml size to dehydrate the Nail Plate

Cuticle Oil Pen In 10ml size with Apple Fragrance – added value for the clients after a treatment

Scorch Nail Accessories

• Full range of accessories for both nail care and nail art.

• Nail Files are available in 100/180 and 180/240 grit, curved or straight.

• Provide Gel Removal Foil Wraps and Gel Nail Wipes.

• Orange Sticks, buffers and sanding blocks

• Nail Tips, Nail Forms and Duo Forms

• Glitters and Nail Art

• Silver or multicolours diamante.

Nail Steamer Gel Removal System

• Designed by Scorch Nails and manufactured exclusively by us.

• Removes Nail Gel by heating a solution into a vapour

• Client is not submerging their fingers in Acetone or other chemicals.

• Reduces the amount of Acetone or other chemicals used during Gel removal.

• Uses less than 10% of liquid per treatment.

• Client will experiences a warm vapour.

• The Nail Steamer takes 10 minutes to run through the cycle.