Casmara Longevity Recovery Serum

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Casmara Longevity Recovery Serum


EJUVENATING. SPECIAL MENOPAUSE .Rich facial Serum with a soft light texture. Intensive concentrate of active ingredients.It reactivates and revitalizes your skin in order to recover functionality and the balance of young skin lost as a result of cellular ageing.

The anti-ageing revolution LONGEVITY the first rejuvenating treatment developed by the CASMARA Investigation Centre which works by stimulating the skins stem cells. The product works in a different way by day and by night, with exceptional results. High-technology cosmetics stimulating the skin’s stem cells.

An intelligent cosmetic product; by day, cellular protection; by night, energizing cells.

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PHYTO ESTROGENS: natural balance for skin disorders during menopause.

Self-rejuvenating. Stem cell stimulator.

Fourfold multiplication of collagen in the skin.

Active ingredients

E-MORTAL®: A liposome active ingredient that stimulates stem cells.

METABIOTICS RESVERATROL: An improved Resveratrol active ingredient. It improves cellular longevity by stimulating sirtuin-1, an enzyme that prevents cellular ageing.